2018 Ski-Doo Renegade X 850 E-TEC ES w/ Adj. Pkg Ice Cobra 1.6


If you want to easily carve corners and blast down a mogul-filled straight with the greatest of ease, the ultra-agile and responsive Renegade X is your sled. It's the new standard with its REV Gen4 platform and 850 E-TEC engine.


  • ROTAX 850 E-TEC ENGINE: More power you can feel. The most powerful 2-stroke engine in the industry.* It pumps out 10 more horsepower (165 hp) than its predecessor, but its responsiveness is what really shines. With the new pDrive primary clutch, it’s 30% quicker responding than the 800R E-TEC giving you the instant control you demand. *Observed HP measured on internal dyno test in optimal conditions for 2-stroke engines.
  • PDRIVE CLUTCH: Quick, efficient, easy. A major factor in the quickness of REV sleds is the new pDrive clutch. Fast and friction-free dual rollers transfer torque in place of traditional sliding buttons on this 100% new clutch. The oversize rollers with needle bearings, wide flyweights and shaft-on-shaft design emphasize smooth operation and long life. Ultra-responsive shifting, impressive RPM consistency and 2.8 lb. (1.3 kg) lighter than the TRA VII.
  • REV GEN4 PLATFORM: Next generation of a legend. Created with the Rotax 850 E-TEC engine to be the ultimate handling trail snowmobile. The 4th generation of the REV platform is designed around aggressive trail riders with a narrow, compact package giving the rider more freedom to move and influence the sled. More centralized masses (especially side-to-side), light weight and industry-leading suspensions make the vehicle ultra responsive.
  • RAS 3 FRONT SUSPENSION: Precision front end. Similar geometry and design to the stable and precise RAS 2, optimized for the Gen4 REV platform with 1 in. (25 mm) added suspension stroke and 0.7 lb. (0.3 kg) reduced weight vs. RAS 2.
  • ERGO-STEP SIDE PANELS: Ride how you want. Design enables you to slide naturally to three different cornering styles, including a new, extreme-forward position.
  • RMOTION REAR SUSPENSION: Capability, control and comfort: Provides more capability, more comfort and more adjustability. Separate spring and shock dynamics combine with the most rising-rate/progressive motion ratio in the industry to give the rMotion suspension a supple ride in small bumps with added capability in large ones. And there’s no need to be a suspension guru to enjoy the ride – with its broad sweet spot, you can set it up once and it will perform impressively in nearly every condition.
  • FORWARD ADJUSTABLE RISER: Custom fit: Incredibly easy to customize your riding position – just pull the tab and slide the bars to one of the 4 positions. 4 in. (10 cm) of fore-aft adjustment.
  • KYB PRO 36 REAR SHOCK: Race-proven capability. Race-proven aluminum shock with no-tool compression damping adjustment. Re-buildable / re-valvable design.

General Information

Manufacturer Ski-Doo
Model Year 2018
Model Renegade X 850 E-TEC ES w/ Adj. Pkg Ice Cobra 1.6
Model Code UWJM
Color Manta Green / Black


Length Overall - 122.4 in. (3,110 mm)
Height Overall - 48.1 in. (1,222 mm)
Width Overall - 47.2 in. (1,200 mm)
Weight Dry - 485 lb. (220 kg)

Engine & Drivetrain


Front - HPG Plus

Center - HPG Plus

Rear - KYB Pro 36 EA

Front Suspension


Max, travel - 9.2 in. (233 mm)

Rear Suspension


Max. travel - 10.6 in. (270 mm)

Engine Rotax 850 E-TEC liquid-cooled, electronic R.A.V.E., 2 cylinders
Horsepower 165 hp @ 7,900 rpm
Displacement 849 cc (51.9 ci)
Bore x Stroke 3.2 x 3.2 in. (82 x 80.4 mm)
Fuel Capacity 9.5 gal. (36 l)
Oil Capacity 3.6 qt. (3.4 l)

Drive - pDrive

Driven - QRS

Brakes Brembo racing brake with stainless-steel braided brake line
Powertrain Powertrain engagement - 3,600 rpm
Fuel Type

Recommended - Premium unleaded

Minimum octane - 91

Fuel System Electronic Direct Injection with additional booster injectors


Ski Length Overall - 42 in. (1,066 mm)
Skis Pilot 5.7
Ski Stance 42.4 in. (1,077 mm)
Track LxWxH 137 x 15 x 1.6 in. (3,487 x 381 x 40.6 mm)


Additional Colors


Manta Green / Black